Hebei Yufeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd.-District Starch Expansion Factory

Yufeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000, and has formed a whole industrial chain group company with corn deep processing as the main line. The industry sector covers large national enterprises in multiple industries such as grain storage, food, oil, functional sugar alcohol, animal feed, biopharmaceuticals, thermoelectricity, real estate, logistics, and international trade. For a long time, the enterprise adheres to the road of agricultural industrialization, commits itself to the improvement of agricultural industrialization management level and the research and development of high-tech products. At present, Yufeng Industrial Group has developed into a large-scale domestic manufacturing enterprise. Its pharmaceutical projects have set up sales agencies in the United States, Europe, South America and other places, making positive contributions to the export industry.

A total of 3600A SFR-APF has been used in this project. The expected effect has been achieved.


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