Shanghai Chest Hospital

Shanghai Chest Hospital(Shanghai Chest Hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University), estalbished in 1957, the earliest established Grade-A tertiaryspecialized hospitals in China, specializes in the treatment of heart, lung, esophagus, trachea and mediastinal diseases. It integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research together. In 2004, the hospital became the Shanghai Red Cross Chest Hospital. In 2005, it became the affiliated hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The hospital is among the first batch to perform surgeries including coronary arteries, heart valves, congenital heart disease, heart transplantation and atrial fibrillation. It takes a leading position on interventional therapy of complex coronary heart disease, comprehensive treatment of atrial fibrillation (radiofrequency ablation, left atrial appendage occlusion, anticoagulation and etc), interventional treatment of abnormalcardiopulmonary vascular structure,advanced cardiac pacing technique, end-stage heart failure and etc. The number of radiofrequency ablation surgeriesof atrial fibrillation has been ranking NO.1 in the Asia-Pacific region for many years.

A total of 225kvar harmonic elimination reactive power compensation modules and LBT switching control units have been used in this project. The expected effect has been achieved.


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